Parking In A Reserved Spot At Disney Gets You Listed Between Hitler & Zach Braff Among History’s A-Holes

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03.24.13 31 Comments

Yesterday writer Alan Sereboff shared the hilariously threatening note below on his Tumblr with the caption, “Posted on a friend of a friend’s car at Disney Studios.” Friend of a friend’s? Sure thing, Alan.

True identity of the douchebag parker aside, the note itself is spectacular as it manages to be menacing, thoroughly hilarious, and pop culturally relevant all at the same time. Oh, and did I mention divisive? As much as I love passive aggressive car notes ranking Tina Fey between Bush and Pol Pot on a “Greatest Assholes of Human History” list is simply WOW. Who has Tina pissed off at Disney? Did Taylor Swift pen this note? WE NEED ANSWERS PEOPLE.

Not to mention putting Zach Braff on blast. I don’t own Garden State on Blu-Ray or anything, but ouch. Enough of my thoughts, take a gander for yourself:

Moral of the story: Disney Studios be holding grudges like John Carter investors, y’all.

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