01.06.10 8 years ago 26 Comments

This is so preposterous that I can hardly believe it actually happened in our world in this lifetime, but apparently this was an actual 1990 pilot for NBC that was made but (shockingly) never picked up. From the YouTube description:poochinski

A clip of the rejected TV pilot POOCHINSKI from an ABC TV special about failed TV pilots. POOCHINSKI cast Peter Boyle as a cop killed in the line of duty who returns to life as a talking bulldog muppet that reunties [sic] with his partner to take a bite out of crime.

I’m completely flabbergasted. In case video is disabled at your place of employ, you missed this exchange: “You’re a dog!” “I’m a COP!!!” And the latter line was delivered by a creepy bulldog puppet. And how did they get the name “Poochinski”? Did the dog decide to give himself that name? Or was that the last name of Peter Boyle’s character before he died? Because I don’t think Poochinski is an actual Polish name. Dammit, now I really want to watch this pilot! I have to know!


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