Showtime's 'Homeland' Will Be On Forever, 'Dexter' Has An 'End Game In Place'

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Showtime has developed a reputation for renewing their shows long past when they stopped being relevant — Office‘ing, if you will. Eight seasons of Weeds, five seasons (and counting) of Californication, and most unforgivably, two award-nominated seasons of Episodes, to say nothing of Dexter, which had an improved seventh season, but still has on been for SEVEN SEASONS. Finally, though, according to Showtime’s entertainment president David Nevins at the TCA tour, there’s an “end game” in sight for the drama, thought it may not happen for some time.

At Showtime’s TCA session today, Showtime entertainment president David Nevins stopped short of committing to an end date for [Dexter]. “We’re not making any announcements today about when Dexter will end,” he said, adding, “I think I will clarify before Dexter goes on this season (in June). We have clear end game in place, I can’t talk about it just yet.” Just how important Dexter has been to Showtime? “Dexter to Showtime is what Batman is to Warner Bros., it is a cornerstone franchise,” Nevins said. (Via)

As for Showtime’s other huge hit, Homeland, which hasn’t been on for 17 seasons only because it debuted two years ago, Nevins proudly boasted, “I think it’s got a really long life, it is on the rise, like Dexter.” He added:

While he admitted that he agrees with some of the criticism about the recent second season, Nevins said he liked it. “It started really strong and ended really strong,” he said. Speaking of Homeland‘s season two ending, Nevins would not confirm whether Damian Lewis will return as a series regular next season. (Via)

Showtime’s TCA panel also revealed that the next seasons of Dexter and Homeland will premiere on June 30 and September 29, as the lead-ins into new series, Ray Donovan, with Liev Schreiber as a “fixer,” and the Lizzy Caplan-starring Masters of Sex, which will never hear “CANCEL NOW” cries, assuming it lives up to its title better than fellow Showtime series, The Paper Chase. The lack of papers that were chased was very distressing.

(Via Deadline)

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