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Does you vaj have a dimmer? I forgot my sunglasses.

Showtime has released a trailer for “The Real L Word” (see video below), and it promises to be just like the channel’s scripted “The L Word,” but without all that “writing” and “plot” that has become so passé.

In the trailer, you’ll meet the cast of six women, all of whom look like women and five of whom have hair that falls below their shoulders. Which makes me think that they should probably re-think the word “Real” in the show’s title. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve met some lesbians who are wonderful people, but none of them are people who value wearing makeup or using conditioner in their hair. I’ve also seen some truly terrifying bull dykes from afar, and they REALLY didn’t value makeup or conditioner. Here in Brooklyn, it’s easy to see them in their natural environment. It’s like an African safari with butch lesbians instead angry rhinos, although it’s hard to tell them apart at times.

Anyway, the trailer isn’t all that exciting until the end, when this happens:

Voiceover: Real life. Real drama. REAL LESBIANS.

*lesbian fires pistol*

Full poster at Jezebel, trailer via Autostraddle.

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