Hulu Is About to Make a Huge Mistake

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05.01.12 34 Comments

According to the NY Post, Hulu, which attracted 31 million users last month, is in discussions to discontinue their free-for-everyone streaming platform. Instead, visitors would have to “log in with their cable or satellite TV account number” because “cable companies and networks [are] looking to protect and profit from their content.” In other words: if you canceled your cable subscription because your shows are online for free, you’re SOL.

A reporter from Tech Crunch asked “a source close to Hulu” about the rumor, and he/she said:

According to our source, Hulu and its content providers have talked about this move toward authentication since 2009. Our source noted that Hulu has no interest in being a first mover here and that a requirement for authentication is likely still a few years out. Hulu, however, does want to be a good partner and may have to give in to its partners’ pressure soon or later. Even though an authentication requirement isn’t likely to happen right away, though, our source notes that what could happen relatively soon is that the content providers could require longer delays before their shows become available on the service for non-subscribers. Cable subscribers, under this model, would get access to a show on Hulu the next day, while non-subscribers would have to wait at least 30 days. (Via)

In other, related news: the Pirate Bay will soon see a traffic increase of 53,024% Seriously, the sooner the old media farts who run NBCUniversal, News Corporation, The Walt Disney Company, and Providence Equity Partners, who share ownership of Hulu, depart either their jobs or this existence, the better. Hopefully then the new regime will realize cable (and $200 cable bills) isn’t the future of TV.

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