03.01.10 8 years ago 20 Comments

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t bother writing about Jennifer Lopez’s stint as the host and musical guest for “Saturday Night Live” just because I wasted 70 minutes of my life watching it. But this episode was so pathetic and lazily unfunny that I feel we should gather together as a community — as people do for a funeral, or after a tragic event.

I understand why “SNL” reels in the Taylor Swifts and Taylor Lautners to host, but… Jennifer Lopez? It’s a puzzling decision, one that I have to think is fueled by complaints that “SNL” skews too white and male. But then taking a minority and making her the star of sketches about Telemundo and Univision isn’t exactly my idea of racial integration in comedy — and I’m using a very broad definition for “comedy” here. (I’ll make no mention of her musical performance, except to note that it’s easy to see why Sony dumped her instead of releasing her next album.)

Anyway, there was one skit at the end of the show that made me laugh, but I didn’t see it on Hulu, so it’s possible that I fell asleep and dreamed it. So instead of that one funny sketch that may or may not have happened, below is video of the “flags of the world” digital short, which was okay. Not exactly funny, but fairly original. I’ve also included a picture of an adorable baby bunny rabbit. I’m not exactly sure why, but I figure it can only help.

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