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Must… resist… “hair pie” joke

“Weeds” star Mary-Louise Parker is featured in the August issue of Esquire, and man oh man I have never been this hot for a woman in her 40s before.  She’s just great in every way: a really good actress, smart, a good writer, scorchingly hot, and eager to get naked.  Consider this: Billy Crudup left her while she was pregnant to go shack up with Claire Danes’s fug ass.  That’s insane.  I’d push Claire Danes into traffic just to get a better look at Mary-Louise.

After the jump, I’ve got the full text of the Esquire article (which includes a thank you note to me written by MLP, plus… a recipe for pie?  WTF Esquire?) and also a video of Mary-Louise in her underwear reading from Alice in Wonderland.  At the end she takes a drink of milk and says, “Good night, little man” like she’s my hot babysitter, and there’s a little bit of a weird awkward pause where there’s all this sexual tension between me and the video player.  I really think there’s something special between us.

(Careful with these last two thumbnails — there’s nipple.  I guess Esquire shows that now.  Sweet!  Pics via WWTDD)

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