09.08.10 7 years ago 34 Comments

People on the Internet have a tendency to abuse hyperbole. You can’t go a single day without something being declared the “Best. _____. Ever.” But please, don’t brush off my declaration that this is probably the single greatest clip from a reality show that I’ve ever season.

This is an early look at the coming season of “The Amazing Race,” and a female contestant has to use a giant slingshot to fire watermelons at a suit of armor. Except she does something awesomely wrong, and the watermelon comes rocketing back and smashes her squarely in the face. It’s FANTASTIC. It puts the “amazing” in “Amazing Race.” In no other way could a TV show get away with this. Reality TV producers are scum, but even they could never devise a way to fire watermelons at high speed into people’s faces. Maybe in Japan, but not here.

(thanks to Mick; higher-quality video here)

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