Is Bobby Flay Cheating on his Wife with January Jones Question Marks?????

06.17.10 7 years ago 24 Comments

January Jones has made her first real foray into tabloid exposure recently, doing the cab ride of shame just a day or two before swiping three cars and leaving the scene of what may have been a drunk driving incident after being at a party. Then it came to light that the first person she called when she got into the accident was celebrity chef Bobby Flay, who, when asked why she called him, was all, “Uh, I dunno. I just met the broad” (paraphrasing). Flay is married to actress Stephanie March (inset), who is less attractive and less successful than Jones, as most women are.

Anyhoo, let’s get on with the accusations:

Bobby claims he and January were at a party at Gordon Ramsay’s Boxwood Cafe at the London West Hollywood Hotel with a group of people, but eyewitness Tom Becktold says that January and Bobby “were sitting side by side at the bar, very close, drinking together. I definitely didn’t take them to have recently met, like Bobby is claiming. They seemed to know each other very well.”

They had two beers each, and a bottle of Veuve Clicquot champagne. They talked and flirted happily. Then she went upstairs to his room. Another eyewitness adds: “I don’t know how long they were up there, but it was definitely long enough to hook up.” [Star Mag via Jezebel]

Oh, I didn’t realize “long enough to hook up” was a unit of time now. I’m going to assume they were up there for four to five hours. That’s how long it takes me. You hear that, January Jones? Four to five hours of twisted steel and sex appeal. AND I’m not a ginger. This could all be yours, honey.

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