It Was Only a Matter of Time

06.09.10 7 years ago 7 Comments

Doron Ofir, the reality casting agent responsible for filling “Jersey Shore’s” ranks, has come up with yet another idea that will lump together a group of stereotypes in a booze-fueled train wreck: he’s now casting for something tentatively called “Party Down South,” which will unfortunately not be a spin-off of “Party Down.” (If you missed the Ofir profile in this link dump, check it out.)

Doron Ofir Casting is looking for 12 lucky guys and gals who are keepin’ it country and want to party their asses off on the sickest reality show.

Kegs, muddin’, and cookouts can only mean one thing… it’s summertime ya’ll! [NOTE: “y’all” is spelled incorrectly.]

If you like your chicken fried, drive a pickup and you’re full of American pride, we are looking for you!

Now casting the hottest and proudest Southerners who are at least 21 years old who can prove that the party down South will rise again… Screw sippin’ champagne, Let’s make it a six-pack summer!

Sigh… I guess I’m partly responsible for this, since I shamelessly enjoyed the first season of “Jersey Shore,” but that doesn’t mean I have to be happy about it. But something I am happy about is my Google search for “confederate cat” while I was working on the banner image. I didn’t get anything I could use, but I liked this stylish sling bag and the political cartoon below. Watch out, Union chickens! That cat has bourbon!

(click for full size)

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