It’s Friday Afternoon, And Craig Kilborn Just Wants To Work, Work, Work

Senior Writer
07.29.11 7 Comments

During last weekend’s Comic Con action, the producers of NBC’s paint-by-numbers spy show Chuck cow-towed to the nerdocracy by announcing that Mark Hamill would be appearing as a villain in the first episode of the show’s upcoming final season. Far less exciting to Star Wars fans – or any fans, for that matter – is the news that there will be a second villain in the first episode, played by Craig Kilborn.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kilbs will play Roger Bale, “a conman investor who has crossed the wrong people” but he is also rumored to have a more sinister angle to his character. Of course, when regarding Chuck, sinister means that he says words like “heck” and “darn.”

Kilborn’s most notable acting turn came in Old School, as the womanizing Mark, who is eventually killed when his car flips over a bridge and lands on Jeremy Piven. It always amazes me that the scene never won an Academy Award for the Greatest Movie Scene of All-Time Ever in History Ever.

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