It’s Funny Because They’re Terrified

10.25.11 6 years ago 8 Comments

Last year, Ellen Degeneres sent one of her staff writers, Amy Rhodes, into a haunted house, and her terrified screaming had me laughing all day. This year, Ellen sent Amy to another haunted house with her mother, and it’s instantly clear that being terrified of people in zombie makeup is genetic. I don’t know why I find terrified women so hilarious, but it probably has something to do with my abusive father :(

Just kidding, my dad’s great. For a violent alcoholic. Anyway, the first four minutes of this video are definitely worth your time, then it turns into a blatant advertisement for Groupon. Tone it down, Groupon, you’re already my #1 source for getting discounted meals that are still too expensive for me.

[via BuzzFeed]

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