Jake Peralta Quotes For When Your Sarcasm Knows No Bounds

By: 09.15.16


Sure, he might be a talented detective with an uncanny instinct for police work, but the true talent of Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) is his sarcasm. For the past three seasons (and an upcoming fourth, which debuts on Tuesday, Sept, 20) on Fox’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Jake Peralta has become known for his barrage of sarcastic remarks, regardless of how serious, uncomfortable, or otherwise inappropriate the situation might be. Here are a few of Jake’s most cleverly scornful remarks to help you when you feel like your sarcasm simply knows no bounds.

“Oh! Hello sir, how are you today? I am Detective Right-All-The-Time, and this is my partner, Detective Terrible Detective.”



It’s made clear in the very first episode that Jake’s sarcasm is something of a reflex. While going door-to-door questioning potential witnesses, he and his partner, Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero), make a bet about the kind of guy who lives in one of the top-floor apartments. Amy’s guess is a hot, young bachelor, based mostly on the copy of The Wall Street Journal laying on his doormat. After an elderly man opens the door, automatically making Jake the winner of the bet, he can’t be quietly smug about it like a normal person. Instead, Jake has to gloat. To everyone. When you really want to get the most out of being right, don’t be afraid to brag to strangers about it; the fact that they’ll have no context won’t make your victory any less sweet for you.

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