Japan Still Weird, Awesome

08.06.10 17 Comments

Japan never ceases to amaze me.  As a Western observer, the country appears to be a nation of contradictions.  Their pornography includes some of the most vile and disgusting acts imaginable, yet they pixelate the genitalia.  They’ve got one of the smartest, most technologically advanced societies in the world, but they are endlessly delighted by the most base entertainment possible (as clicking the JAPAN tag will verify).  If the world was a 5th grade class, Japan would be the awkward math whiz who giggles incessantly at the fact that the number 80085 looks like BOOBS on his calculator.

Case in point: the video the banner pic is taken from (clip after the jump).  Looking at it, you’re probably thinking, “Hey DG, is that a clip from a Japanese television show where two guys are just BLASTING a smiling model in the face with shaken up champagne?”  Yes.  Yes it is.  And that in itself would be worthy of a post here.  But there’s another part to it – and this is where Japan really separates themselves.  The clip is filmed with a state of the art, super high speed camera.  They took a pretty impressive technological advancement, and used it to document an act that crosses the misogyny of rap videos with a giggly, almost innocent, perversion.  Kinda like using the Hubble telescope solely to peep into girls’ locker rooms.  Which, by the way, I would in no way put past the Japanese.

All that is to say this: I seriously considered just embedding the video, writing “Champagne B-kkake,” tagging it BEST POST EVER and clicking publish.  Because seriously, watch the clip:

via Buzzfeed, who has three more clips.

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