‘Jem Don’t Care!’

06.02.11 5 years ago • 10 Comments

You may remember “Randall” as the dude who provided the hilariously sassy voiceover to the NatGeo clip of the “crazy nastyass” honey badger. Now he’s back with a promotion for the Hub Network’s “Jem” marathon. On one hand, it’s not as funny: he doesn’t swear in this video, and a gay man narrating “Jem” isn’t as incongruous as a play-by-play of a badger/cobra fight (“Look at that sleepy fck!”). On the other hand, it’s just good to hear his voice again. I want Randall to narrate all the television I watch, even the good shows like “Mad Men”: “Look at that handsome son of a bitch! Drinking at work, smoking in bed. Don Draper don’t care!”

[BuzzFeed / Vulture]

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