‘Jem Don’t Care!’

06.02.11 6 years ago 10 Comments

You may remember “Randall” as the dude who provided the hilariously sassy voiceover to the NatGeo clip of the “crazy nastyass” honey badger. Now he’s back with a promotion for the Hub Network’s “Jem” marathon. On one hand, it’s not as funny: he doesn’t swear in this video, and a gay man narrating “Jem” isn’t as incongruous as a play-by-play of a badger/cobra fight (“Look at that sleepy fck!”). On the other hand, it’s just good to hear his voice again. I want Randall to narrate all the television I watch, even the good shows like “Mad Men”: “Look at that handsome son of a bitch! Drinking at work, smoking in bed. Don Draper don’t care!”

[BuzzFeed / Vulture]

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