Jennifer Lawrence’s ‘SNL’ Promos Prove That She’s An Angel Sent By A Lunatic God

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01.16.13 33 Comments

Jennifer Lawrence is the best thing to happen to Hollywood since … I don’t even know. Angelina Jolie (The Early Years)? She’s hot. She can act. She’s self-effacing. She speaks her mind. And she’s a little bit crazy in her head space, all of which make her the most endearing actress in the business right now. She’s had a great week, too. She was nominated for an Oscar (her second nomination), won a Golden Globe, and inadvertently dissed, but didn’t really diss, Meryl Streep, and won the Internet by denying that this ass belonged to her.

Now she’s hosting the winter premiere of Saturday Night Live with the phenomenal Lumineers (who I saw open for Old Crow Medicine Show last year, and they were terrific). Will she be funny or a train wreck, or a funny train wreck? I have no idea, but I can gaurantee the episode will get huge ratings, and that people who haven’t tuned in to SNL in months will watch because that’s how captivating Jennifer Lawrence is. Here she is, alongside Jason Sudeikis, with a series of promos for this week’s show being charming and adorable, as always.


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