‘Jeopardy!’ Just Won’t Let The Great GIF Pronunciation Debate Of 2013 Die

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12.03.13 39 Comments

Jeaopardy GIF

Back in May, we experienced one of the biggest, most nonsensical Twitter riots in the history of social media, as Steve Wilhite, the man who invented the Graphics Interchange Format, finally put an end to the debate over how to properly pronounce “GIF.” In an interview with the New York Times, Wilhite declared once and for all that GIF is pronounced with a soft G as “JIFF,” and while that should have put the entirely silly issue to bed, Team Hard G just wasn’t having it.

Like any good Internet brouhaha, though, the Great GIF Pronunciation Debate of 2013 died down after a few days, and we all went back to doing what us bloggers do best – posting GIFs of Kate Upton. But on tonight’s episode of Jeopardy!, Alex Trebek reopened Team Hard G’s wounds and rubbed salt all over them.

Fortunately, instead of reigniting this debate (I and many others still pronounce GIF with a hard G, so suck it, Soft G’ers) I thought we could just all agree that this other question from tonight’s Jeopardy! was pretty damn awesome.

Archer Jeoaprdy

Stop trying to stir up pronunciation wars, Jeopardy!, and just give us more Archer questions.

Punk ass bitches

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