Jimmy Fallon’s ‘History Of TV Theme Songs’ Is Definitely The Most You’ll Ever Enjoy ‘Guys With Kids’

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09.26.12 15 Comments

Was last night’s musical number on Fallon a blatant attempt to make Guys with Kids seem less awful by pandering to us with TV themes from our youth? Yes, most definitely. But if there’s a universal truth it’s that everyone worth acquainting likes a Jimmy Fallon medley. And while this is not quite “History of Rap” with Timberlake I’m equal parts sucker for the Sandford and Son and Greatest American Hero themes so I can safely say this is the most I’ve enjoyed Anthony Anderson since Me, Myself, and Irene (the bar was not set very high).

On an unrelated note, every time I see Jesse Bradford I can’t help but wonder if he considers Bring it On or Swimfan his career plateau. Also, how many times a week people think he’s engaged to Jennifer Aniston. I may have to set up a two question live Q&A with the guy.

Late Night via Gawker

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