Watch Jimmy Kimmel Ask A Bunch Of Comic-Con Weirdos If They’ve Ever Had Sex In Their Costumes

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07.29.14 11 Comments

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Jimmy Kimmel Live sent a camera crew down to the San Diego Comic-Con to ask the Pedestrian Question: Have you ever had sex in your Comic-Con costume? Now look, I’m not going to pretend like I understand the con culture of cosplay or any of that at all whatsoever — because quite frankly there’s something about adults playing dress up that makes me kind of uncomfortable — so I just assumed a better question would be “Have you ever had sex?”

But rest assured, because not only do weirdos at Comic-Con have sex (well, maybe not that last guy), but also a fair amount of them do it while dressed like fictional characters. You’re welcome, the internet.

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Stacey lives in West Philadelphia where she enjoyed brief internet fame for live tweeting her neighbor having sex.

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