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Jon Hamm hosted “Saturday Night Live” this weekend, and it was a pleasant reminder that the show can actually be really funny if the host is good and the writers don’t take the week off. By my count, there were only two sketches I could have done without (1920s party and court stenographer), but what really stuck out was quality writing throughout the episode — even bits that typically bore me (like the cold open and the monologue) I found entertaining. So here’s my polite applause, “SNL.” Do more episodes like that.

Anyway, pictured here is Hamm as FilmDrunk’s beloved Greasy Sax Man in the excellent digital short (video below), and as usual I’ve embedded video of a couple other sketches for the people who were out doing things with their lives on Saturday night. Thanks for not inviting me, jerks.

“Sergio” digital short:

The monologue, in which Don Draper kills it at the Apollo:

“Hamm & Bublé,” in which musical guest Michael Bublé earns some laughs. A nice mutation of last year’s “Jon Hamm’s john ham” sketch:

Closet organizer:

And this was a great, unexpected callback:

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