The Kardashians Were Named ‘America’s First Family,’ And The Internet Is Not Pleased

10.05.15 2 years ago 20 Comments
kim kardashian

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The Kardashians are many things — super rich, super powerful, super good at inspiring hilarious rants. They define everything that makes this country great (raising trans awareness) and horrible (getting famous because of a “leaked” sex tape with something called a Ray J; Scott Disick), but to call them “America’s First Family,” as Cosmopolitan did for their 50th anniversary issue?

Well, that’s just ridiculous, and an insult to the Obamas and the Simpsons.

Sixteen pages in next month’s issue are dedicated to Kim, Khloe, Kris, Kourtney, Kendall, Kylie, Khal Drogo, Kal-El, and Korn, with an obligatory quote from Ryan Seacrest, the Robert Christgau of gossip rags. “No one could have predicted the Kardashians’ and Jenners’ success,” he writes. “But when you spend time with them, what resonates is the family unit. There are so many things about them that are glamorous, crazy, and unlike our lives, but the sense of family is universal. They love and stand by one another.”

Y’know, as opposed to our president and his family and their dogs. Here are some of the most “disrespectful” reactions to Cosmo‘s decision. (Getting mad about a magazine cover? Now THAT’S American.)

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