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Kate Gosselin, who managed to make a tubby cheating douche in Ed Hardy shirts look sympathetic, couldn’t pick up the jive on “Dancing with the Stars,’ so of course it was her teacher Tony Dovolani’s fault. Fortunately for Tony, who is on his 9th season of “DWTS,” Kate helpfully informed him that he was teaching her incorrectly.

“Everyone involved in the show thinks Kate is impossible. We all feel very sorry that poor Tony got paired up with her. She talks to him as if he is her ninth child,” sources tell [PopEater]. “At one point things got so bad that Kate demand that the shows producers fire Tony and get her a new partner. However, everyone would rather get rid of her than Tony, who is loved by all the staff.”

During the 3/29 broadcast, video [above] showed Kate and Tony clashing during a rehearsal. Dovolani walked out on Gosselin after she questioned his technique, arguing that what he was teaching her was “wrong.” [..]

Tony has since apologized for his “quit” taunt, and now has decided he needs to keep on ‘Dancing’ no matter how “impossible” Kate may be. Unfortunately for the two, they scored just 15 out of 30 points, and may be eliminated this week.

The ballroom dancing on “Dancing with the Stars” isn’t difficult. Emmitt Smith, who was hit so many thousands of times by NFL linebackers and linemen that he barely speaks English now, actually WON the show. A chimpanzee with good posture could get a decent score. Hell, this Labrador retriever can do the mambo. Am I saying that Kate’s dumber than a yellow Lab? Let’s put it this way: of the two, only Kate deserves the label “stupid bitch.”

(video via WWTDD)

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