Jimmy Kimmel Used A Fake Lie Detector Test To Bring Two Feuding Brothers Together

12.06.13 4 years ago 6 Comments

Jimmy Kimmel‘s running “Lie Detective” segment — in which he gives fake lie detector tests to children — is always good for a few adorable moments and easy laughs. For the holiday season he’s adding a “Naughty or Nice” wrinkle in an attempt to get kids to admit to their 2013 transgressions.

In this first installment, Kimmel brings on the seemingly-kindhearted Fletcher and attempts to mend the wounds of his strained relationship with his brother. It’s all very sweet. That is, until the segment derails into something a little creepier than expected. (Which is saying something, considering the scene opens with a mustachioed man in a fairy costume strapping machinery to a young child.)

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