‘King Of Thrones’ Is A Reality Show Literally About Sh*t

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/sings Game of Thrones theme song with fart noises

[King of Thrones], produced by Magilla (Moonshiners, Long Island Medium), will focus on Hoxie Homes and Remodeling, a northern Minnesota-based team of builders, contractors, carpenters and designers who design the ultimate bathrooms for demanding customers. Led by owner Jeff Hoxie, the company designs high-end bathrooms featuring giant flat-screen TVs, heated floors and, yes, even a solid-gold urinal. (Via)

Poop My Ride, if you will. This modern-day masterturd will air on Destination America, the home of Armageddon Arsenals, United States of Bacon, and Hillbilly Blood, all of which tease us with their sh*tty premises, yet ultimately have nothing to do with poop. As for the show’s title, King of Thrones sounds a lot like Game of Thrones, which shockingly isn’t a coincidence. Destination America is hoping to reign in the coveted “meant to rent Snakes on a Plane, accidentally got Snakes on a Train” demographic. It’s a bigger group than you may think.

Game of Digging Up Bones, coming this fall to Destination America.

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