What We Learned From This Week’s Betrayal-Filled Episode Of ‘Sons Of Anarchy’

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09.18.13 233 Comments

Last night’s second episode of the sixth season of Sons of Anarchy, “One-One-Six,” saw Jax pile on the lies, as he continued to evolve into Clay. Tara dropped two HUGE bombshells, Juice continues to get the worst jobs, Lee Toric flashed some more crazy, and the show added two more to this season’s body count as the consequences to last week’s school shooting continue to grow. Kurt Sutter is showing nice restraint this season, slowly developing the plot, but not so slow that it’s taken any of the excitement out of the series.

Let’s get right into the episode.

Thanks for meeting, Hop — Let’s quickly start with Bobby Munson this week, who is still separated from the rest of SAMCRO, developing relationships with other SAMCRO loners. He needs four to create a Nomad Club. He’s almost there, adding Quinn (who helped him move his fridge last week) and a guy named Hopper, who is played by Steve Howey (who is awesome in Showtime’s Shamless). Bobby is also looking very forlorn, and there’s nothing teddy-bear sadder than the dejected look of Mark Boone Junior, except maybe the dejected look of Mandy Patinkin in Homeland.

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“I’m going to rat out my son, give up my club, I’m going to look him in the eye first, tell him why.” — Clay managed to live another day. He has agreed, in principle, to turns state’s evidence for Lee Toric and enter witness protection. However, he won’t sign the agreement until he’s seen both his wife and son. He sees Gemma and lays a huge guilt trip on her, telling her that she was right all along and that he was a terrible bastard over the last six months. “I never loved anybody the way I loved you, Gemma. And I know you feel the same.” Gemma, despite the tears, is having none of it. “You don’t know sh*t about how I feel.”

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Toric has not, however, managed to get Jax to visit Clay, so Clay has not officially signed off on his confession. With Toric faking Clay’s signature later in the episode, Toric has perhaps given Clay a reason NOT to turn state’s evidence and to eventually find a way to turn against Toric.

“Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks, But bears it out even to the edge of doom.” — No matter, because Lee Toric — who dropped some Shakespeare this week, Sonnet 116 to be exact (which is why the episode’s title is “One-One Six”) — forged Clay’s signature (after a weird ritual where he banged the back of his hands on a table repeatedly). Toric spelled out his motivations, too. Basically, Otto killed his sister to avoid testifying against SAMCRO in the RICO trial, so Toric’s end game is to destroy SAMCRO by resurrecting the RICO charges (using Clay as his witness). He’s also working an angle with the district attorney (CCH Pounder) to tie SAMCRO to the gun the kid used to shoot up the school (resulting in 4 dead kids, and three injured).”

Here’s the thing about Donal Logue’s Lee Toric: He’s almost the most sympathetic character in the series right now. If it weren’t for the weird, inexplicable drug habit, the hand banging, the mirror f**cking, and some of the crazy that’s clearly stirring around his brain pan, I’d be rooting hardest for Toric. I like his motive: “I never gave a sh*t about justice. It was always about retribution for me. Hurting people who hurt people. That’s always been my endgame.”

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Plus, after just one scene with C. Thomas Howell’s character, who is in the ATF, I want those two to go off and start their own buddy cop series together. I would watch the sh*t out of that.

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One more thing about Toric: He arranged for a date with one of Nero’s escorts, and left his card, basically to alert Jax to the fact that he’s onto the club.

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