Leslie Jones Acted Like You Would Around The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Cast At The Emmys

2016 has been both the worst and best year of Leslie Jones’ life. The worst: her character in Ghostbusters was criticized for being “street wise”; no designers would make her a dress; and after she revealed the kind of racist, sexist abuse she receives every day on Twitter, her account was hacked. Through it all, though, Jones has kept smiling, tweeting, and hitting on that Stay Puft Marshmallow Mini-Man, Colin Jost. The best: she, a black woman, starred in a major Hollywood movie (this does not happen very often); saved the Rio Olympics; and received Twitter support from Hillary Clinton.

Best of all, the SNL breakout hung out with the Game of Thrones cast (she’s a big fan) at the Emmys. Actually, “hung out” is too light a term. Jones acted exactly like you would if you were invited to the Emmys, and asked for photos with as many members of the Game of Thrones cast as she could track down.

When Jones found Emilia Clarke, she tweeted, “OUEEN OF DRAGONS YALL!! And literally one of the nicest people I ever met. She didn’t care I was geeking out.” And Kit Harington: “Damn. ‘You know nothing Jon snow’ hoooooooottt!!” And Gwendoline Christie: “Have to say one of my favs last night she was stunning and tall I was intimidated in the best way!!!”

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