Let’s Cast Jim Rash’s ‘Game Of Thrones’-Themed Episode Of ‘Community’

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Now that Community is coming back for a sixth season, Dan Harmon and the rest of the writers need to put down the no-no juice and start writing 13 episodes, they GUESS. Jim Rash, in an interview with TVLine, has a few ideas, including more Britta vs. the Dean action, more rap battles (OK, that’s our suggestion), and more homages, including a Game of Thrones-themed episode.

“Maybe we could work that world [into Community]. There’s got to be something you can battle for — what’s the throne between [rival schools] City College and Greendale?” (Via)

OK, let’s do this.

Jeff: Jon Snow (stoic, loves monologues)
Abed: Littlefinger (scheming weirdo)
Britta: Daenerys (it’s the hair)
Annie: Margaery (seems innocent, isn’t)
Shirley: Melisandre (super religious)
Troy: Gendry (on a boat somewhere)
Pierce: Mad King (crazy, old dead man)
Chang: Joffrey (evil)
The Dean: Oberyn (obviously)

I would also accept the Dean as Cersei, or the Dean and Jeff as Dany and Khal Drogo.

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