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On April 28th, the We channel (or WEtv or whatever it’s called) will debut “Sunset Daze,” a show that’s being touted as “a geriatric ‘Jersey Shore.’ *shudders* Septuagenarian divorcée Gail Leibowitz (pictured above right), a former actress and singer from New York, is one of the stars of the show set at an Arizona retirement community.

Viewers can expect steamy scenes in Jacuzzis, a wild night out at a gay rodeo and makeout sessions during happy hour. An ex-nun boasts about her libido as her pals guzzle buckets of champagne on blind dates. At one point, a saucy singleton dishes on her favorite sex toy. She calls it Bob, for “Battery Operated Boyfriend.” [NYDN]

At long last, someone was brave enough to give viewers what they’ve always wanted: old women masturbating.

Thank God no one ever got around to inventing Smell-o-vision. You’d never get the scent of Werther’s and looming death out of your TV.

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