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OMIGOD OMIGOD OMIGOD. First of all, taking a classic clip from the 1982 after-school special Desperate Lives and mixing it with Keyboard Cat is a great idea.  But then you get a minute into the video and think, “Where could this possibly go to last another four minutes?”  And then your mind gets blown out the top of your skull like a geyser.  [Every Day Should Be Saturday]

Yawn. Katie Holmes will be on “So You Think You Can Dance.”  Still waiting for “So You Think You Can Escape the Prison of Scientology.”  I would watch that show.  [Us Magazine]

But I like vomiting! Twelve practical reasons weed is better than alcohol.  I respectfully disagree, but that’s only because I’ve mastered the craft of drinking.  [Hail Mary Jane]

You could do worse, I suppose. Bethenny Frankel is happily in love with a new guy.  Eh, better him than me. [LIVE]

Craig Ferguson almost attempted suicide once. He didn’t even TRY to commit suicide?  Bringing that up now is an even sadder plea for attention than actually attempting it. [NY Daily News]

Trumped by Keyboard Cat. This picture of a monkey cowboy riding a dog would have been the image to go with this post if I hadn’t witnessed the greatness above.  [Yep Yep]

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