Live-Action Nyan Cat on French TV

06.29.11 6 years ago 3 Comments

For as much time as I spend on the internet, I’ve never been particularly captivated by 8-bit animation of a cat with a pop tart body that craps rainbows as it floats through space. Nevertheless, this IS still the internet, and the internet still loves cats, so here’s a live-action Nyan Cat that appeared on French TV, woefully devoid of pop tart body. Those French can’t get anything right besides cheese and first ladies.
On the following pages, I’ve got a crash course in Nyan Cat meme history, including the original YouTube video, Mexican Nyan Cat, and the day that changed America: Nyan-Eleven. People aren’t gonna like that one.

[top video via BuzzFeed]

I have nothing to do with this. I found it here.

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