Lizzy Caplan and Adam Scott Photobomb the ‘Eastbound & Down’ Premiere

Over the weekend, I watched one of the “Boy Meets World” episodes with Adam Scott, in which he plays a tough guy named Griff Hawkins who all the girls (and Corey, probably) want to sleep with. Or take to Johnny Rockets, or whatever it is middle school girls do. Anyways, it was fun seeing Scott as an impossibly cool bad guy, a far cry from his better-known roles on “Parks and Recreation” and “Party Down.” But his fu*k you spirit still remains, as seen in the photobomb above with “Party Down” cast-mate Lizzy Caplan at the “Eastbound & Down” premiere.

If only the event HAD been held at Johnny Rockets…That image is practically begging to be accompanied by poorly sung covers of selections from the Grease soundtrack. For more photobombs, with Nick Kroll, Aziz Ansari, Marilyn Manson looking like if Rosemary gave birth to Baby Skrillex, and Kenny Powers himself, courtesy of Funny or Die, see below.

(Thanks to Nadia for the tip)

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