Look. At. This. Dog.

03.14.11 7 years ago 8 Comments

Morning links, everybody. Click on ’em so’s us bloggers can eat.

Know your mascots: Appalachian League. Part 2 in With Leather’s series from Brandon Stroud. All you really need to know is “Appalachia” plus “mascots.” [With Leather]

Five Laws That Run the Internet. The supremacy of boobs and cats gets its due. [Uproxx]

Sports fans should stick to drinking beer. Fifty unusual examples of fan art that probably shouldn’t have been made. [With Leather]

Good news and bad news. The good news is that Stephen King finished another Dark Tower book. The bad news is he can’t un-write himself out of the last one. [Gamma Squad]

Woo-hoo! Gambling! Fill out a bracket and face off against other Uproxx readers in our NCAA tourney challenge. [KSK]

Will Kanye Be at SXSW? Short answer: yes. [Smoking Section]

The first trailer for Bad Robot’s Super 8. It looks way better than The Blair Godzilla Project. [FilmDrunk]

(images via A Unicorn Monster and Bunny Food)

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