Louis C.K. Will Host The Last Episode Of ‘Saturday Night Live’ Before The Election

10.22.12 17 Comments

As Josh mentioned during his SNL recap over the weekend, the show has booked Louis C.K. as host on November 3. This is a good thing. Even if every sketch is stupid and features Kenan Thompson in drag, the monologue alone should make the episode a must-watch. Although considering it will air just three days before the 2012 presidential election — and Louis has worked with SNL vets Robert Smigel, Conan O’Brien, and Dana Carvey in the past — I think it’s safe to say they’ll have some other material to work with.

One other note: SNL took a fair amount of heat for booking Bruno Mars as host and musical guest this weekend (some from me, admittedly), but I’d just like to make one small point: You can’t just, like, force someone to host Saturday Night Live. This isn’t Russia. I would very much like to see Joel McHale and Aaron Paul and Paul Rudd and Alison Brie host the show (perhaps all at once), but it’s a serious time commitment, and it takes place on the opposite side of the country during the same time of the year that their day jobs are eating up a lot of their time. Just because the show brings in some weird, non-hilarious person to host doesn’t necessarily mean they snubbed everyone else. For all we know they tried to book other people and they just couldn’t make the schedules work. That’s why we should consider the fact that they landed Louis C.K. for the episode right before the election to be a real blessing.

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