Louis CK Somehow Makes Leno Watchable

12.06.10 7 years ago 18 Comments

I’ve only seen Louis CK perform live once, but even then, I got the impression that at any given time, he could let loose 40 minutes of material and barely even notice. His delivery seems so damn effortless. My writing doesn’t even come across that natural and I’ve got time to think about it and edit it. Not that my time is ever used that productively. Too many bouncy Shakira gifs to gawk at.

Anyway, Louis was a guest on The Tonight Show on Friday and, despite having to bat off a few of Jay Leno’s inane questions, was able to be thoroughly entertaining. Enough so that I forgot momentarily that I was even watching Leno. But now the realization has sunk in and I’m starting to hate myself. Small price to pay for 10 minutes of solid material, I’d say.

The three parts of the interview can be found beyond yonder jump.

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