09.08.09 8 years ago 11 Comments

The good people at Landline TV made this spoof that captures the essence of why I like “Mad Men” — namely, a pleasing visual aesthetic, casual racism and sexism, and rampant drinking and smoking in the workplace. Oh sure, there are intellect-y things like “complex characterization” and “smart writing,” but you had me at gray flannel suits and subservient secretaries.

I’d also like to use this opportunity to briefly discuss Sunday night’s episode, so if you’re one of those buzzkills who doesn’t watch your shows on time then bitches when you find out plot details, be warned: THAR BE SPOILERS AHEAD, MATEY.

I just want to stand and applaud the writers for killing off Grandpa Gene nice and quick. I really thought we were gonna be saddled with scenes of him and Sally boring the hell out of me for the better part of the season, and it was a pleasant surprise when he collapsed and died to make room for better characters.

Did you see an old man in the Landline TV video? You did not. Why? Because old people are only interesting if they’re dressed well and they’ve got octoporn on their wall (Bert Cooper) or they’re nailing hot young secretaries (Roger Sterling). If I wanted to see grandfathers hanging out with granddaughters, I’d visit my family. But the carnival won’t be back in town until next summer.


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