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I loathe writing recaps of shows, but sometimes an episode deserves your attention whether you watch the show or not. That’s why I occasionally bring you Just the Badass Parts. Today: “Mad Men” episode 308, where “badass” means “sexy as hell.” The highlights, in no particular order:

  • Italian douchebags schooled by Don Draper in Rome.
  • Morning sex!
  • Wanted sexual advances.
  • Unwanted sexual advances.
  • Publicly unwanted (but secretly wanted) sexual advances.
  • Difficulty with removal of shirt as metaphor for sexual frustration.
  • Betty wears the sexiest eye makeup in the history of both women and eye makeup. God DAMN. Ladies, let’s cut a deal: I’ll try to look more like Don Draper if you try look more like Betty. *puts on gray fedora* Your turn.
  • Betty in lacy black lingerie. She looks tremendous, even though she gave birth two months ago. Is this perhaps too unrealistic? Shut up.
  • Christina Hendricks!

Naturally, after all the sexiness and good times, the episode ended on a sharply bitter note, because any happiness the characters can attain is fleeting, and everyone is ultimately miserable. Hooray! Just like us!

(Banner image from bohemea, animated .gifs from GIF Party)

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