Martha Stewart Told Leno About Her Sex Life Because She May Or May Not Have Been Blitzed

05.15.13 4 years ago 6 Comments

Martha Stewart has been weird lately. Okay, well, more weird lately. She’s opened up an E-Harmony profile in order to find dates and sex or attention or something. And because Jay Leno has been trying really hard to only put things we don’t want to see on the air — not to mention unleashing elaborate frauds upon America — he got into a sex discussion with Stewart.

The clip below is just a snippet and that’s probably all anyone can take. Also, do you notice her eyes are a bit low and she’s sort of…off? Hell, she calls Jay “Dave.” Maybe it’s me but, ah well, you decide.

Now, take a minute to visualize Martha Stewart sex. Take it away, John Cena.

cena water
That about sums it up.

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