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I can’t write a full sentence about this story without crying or hugging my dog or crying, so I’m obviously saddened to report that Martha Stewart’s dog, a Chow named Genghis Khan, was killed in a propane explosion at a kennel where 15 other dogs also perished.  From the news story reprinted on Stewart’s blog:

A day after a propane explosion killed 15 show dogs in a Carbon County kennel, co-owner Karen Tracy mourned the passing of a 16th dog that died Saturday morning, and tearfully described the propane delivery driver as a ”hero.”

Badly burned in the explosion, the truck driver managed to first toss a cairn terrier named Chilli [Mmm…chili hot dog -Ed.] over the fence to safety before getting himself out of harm’s way.

Whoa, hey!  When did it get so dusty in here?  It’s just allergies, I swear!  Or I was chopping onions!  Whichever of those sounds like the best excuse!

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