Matt Lauer Creepily Lets Anne Hathaway Know That He’s Seen Her Vagina

12.13.12 42 Comments

“We’ve seen a lot of you lately.”

That’s how Matt Lauer opened an interview with Anne Hathaway, whose pubic area was recently photographed by a creepshot paparazzi guy as she was getting out of car. The interview took place yesterday, but I just saw it earlier today and was so taken aback by how icky it sounded that I just had to post it.

But as creepy as Lauer’s opening statement was, Hathaway’s response set it on fire through pure grace and charm…

It was obviously an unfortunate incident. It kind of made me sad on two accounts. One was that I was very sad that we live in an age when someone takes a picture of another person in a vulnerable moment, and rather than delete it, and do the decent thing, sells it. And I’m sorry that we live in a culture that commodifies the sexuality of unwilling participants. Which brings us back to Les Mis […] So lets get back to Les Mis.”

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We love you Anne Hathaway.

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