McConaughey to Produce Big Fart

06.08.10 7 years ago 5 Comments

FX has teamed up with Matthew McConaughey’s production company, J.K. Livin, for a new comedy project. POP QUIZ! Of the following laid-back terms terms, which one will appear in the blockquote below? (A) Carefree. (B) Free-loving. (C) Free spirit. (D) Freebird.

Tentatively titled Kick Ass Militia, the single-camera comedy is based on source material by JR Reed, an old friend of McConaughey’s. It centers on two brothers whose divergent views are always pitting them against each other on their Malibu compound– one a survivalist and one a free-loving cult leader. [“That’s right, man, just a couple of brothers chillin’ on the beach, and one of ’em’s always harshin’ the other’s buzz. To comedic effect, of course.”] Marc Hyman is writing the script and is executive producing Militia, now in development, with McConaughey. [Deadline]

The correct answer is (B); however, the judges also would have accepted a drawn-out fart noise in conjunction with a wanking motion.

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