Meet The Actress Who Plays ‘Lily,’ Your AT&T Commercial Crush

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UPDATE: Do You Ever Wonder If Lily From The AT&T Commercials Hates Her Job?

Of the nine million reasons why the NFL is the best of the big-four pro leagues, one of the highest is that games are only on twice a week (I’m not including Thursday night games, because those should be avoided). It’s easier to keep up with your NFL team than it is your favorite MLB “squadron,” which might play seven games in seven days. I’m a Mets fan, which means, yes, I’ve lost the will to live and thanks to the team’s official network, SNY, I’m used to seeing the same three commercials night after night after night. Usually, they’re for Geico and I want to set fire to the world, but then, like a bright light that momentarily distracts Bernard Gilkey from catching a pop fly, Lily appears, and everything’s OK.

You’re probably familiar with “Lily”: she’s the “hot ad girl” in a series of AT&T commercials, so it’s about time we meet the anti-Flo. She’s played by Milana Vayntrub, a Uzbekistan-born, UCB-trained comedian who’s appeared in College Humor videos and episodes of House of Lies, The League (as “Cute Girl in Bar”), Key and Peele, and ER. (She played Tatiana, a Russian girl with AIDS who Carol tries to adopt.)

She’s also one-half of Live Prude Girls

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…celebrates her birthday in front of posters for the second best Ace Ventura movie

…and is really short, at least compared to Grant Hill.

Here’s that ad.

She is NOT the AT&T of people.

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