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That’s not a Mercedes! Don Draper even cheats on his car companies!

There are plenty of interesting videos and story out there today, but all that stuff’s gonna have to wait until tomorrow, because Jon Hamm of “Mad Men” is the new voice of Mercedes commercials.

Beginning on Sunday, [Hamm] gets to do some advertising work in the real world as the new commercial voice of Mercedes-Benz USA. Mr. Hamm’s voice will be heard in a commercial that Mercedes-Benz USA will run on local ABC stations in the carmaker’s 16 largest markets during the ABC network’s broadcast of the Academy Awards. [NYT]

I know this seems like kind of an inconsequential story, but I’ve always hated my voice, so I’m fascinated by famous actors who do uncredited voice work for ads, like Will Arnett for GMC and Jeff Bridges for Hyundai. And I’m excited by this because Jon Hamm’s got one of the most badass voices around. The only dude whose voice I’d rather have more than Hamm’s is Liev Schreiber. That guy’s voice is like chocolate-covered gravel. Go ahead, call me gay. It can’t hurt me unless you sound like Don Draper.

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