Michonne’s 10 Most Badass Zombie Kill GIFs From ‘The Walking Dead’

12.07.12 4 years ago • 27 Comments

This Sunday will be the first Sunday in two months in which we won’t have an episode of Walking Dead to look forward to. Not cool. But, while I cannot fill the rotting, pus-filled hole in your undead souls, I can at least give you something to gawk at for a few minutes.

Michonne has only been around for eight episodes, and about 90 seconds, and despite some warranted criticisms about her one-dimensionality, she’s already the most bad-ass character on a show full of bad asses. No one over the course of the first half of season three had dispatched with zombies with more violent-filled glee than Michonne.

Here for your visual enjoyment are Michonne’s 10 Most Bad Ass Zombie Kill GIFs.

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