More Evidence That Chris Pratt Is The Perfect Man: He Can Do A Killer French Braid

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04.22.14 5 Comments

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In further proof that Chris Pratt is the overall perfect man who wins at social media, Andy Dwyer’s lovable alter ego posted the following photo on Instagram yesterday with the caption/hashtag flurry:

This is a weird thing to brag about but I did that glorious french braid. #Baller #man #ManBraid #RealMenBraid #isItBrade? #SpellingQuestion #StillBallerTho #WhyIsItFrench??? #ICallItAFreedomBraid #GoUsa

Funny, hot, takes his wife’s picture on the red carpet and can nail down a French Braid better than any b*tches I went to junior high school with? Anna Faris is a lucky lady, is all I’m saying.

(Via Vulture)

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