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05.11.10 7 years ago 9 Comments

If you don’t like Techno Dog, get the hell off this website. Some might say he’s got great rhythm, but I prefer to think that he’s just a dog with a sweet hydraulic system. [the duty]

A new feature on Features! Check out the all-new news round-up over on our Features page, written by the nonpareil RoboPanda. Today’s top story: you can legally have sex with animals in Florida. Seriously. [Uproxx]

Finally, he gets to relax a little. Photoshop fun of the day. Mike Tunison (aka Christmas Ape) and I created a collection of JaMarcus Russell images to mark his release from the Raiders. [KSK]

More than Browns fans get. The Seattle Sounders are refunding season ticket holders who attended the 4-0 ass-whipping they got at home against the Galaxy. Is it the World Cup yet? [With Leather]

Not an ‘Eastbound & Down’ scene, unfortunately. Will Ferrell appeared in character as pitcher “Rojo” Johnson in a minor league game for the Round Rock Express (the Astros’ AAA affiliate). He was ejected before throwing a pitch. [FilmDrunk]

I can’t believe I missed an episode of ‘American Dad.‘ Keyboard Cat made an appearance on Sunday’s episode, though. [Urlesque]

‘We are pioneers of an ugly age.Meet Doron Ofir, the powerhouse reality TV casting agent for “Jersey Shore” and countless other shows filled with the penicillin-resistant breed of douchebags most commonly seen on MTV and VH1. A really interesting, if greasy, read. [Black Book]

But does he have a soul patch in real life? The story of the Davis Rogan, the man on whom ‘Treme’s” douchey DJ David McAlary is based. [17 dots]

Hummus tastes best under hails of gunfire. Four years ago, Anthony Bourdain went to Beirut to film an episode of “No Reservations.” In that would garner the show an Emmy nomination, Bourdain and his crew left the country with the assistance of U.S. Marines when Hezbollah made the city a war zone. Now he’s going back, and this time… he’s got NO RESERVATIONS. (Sorry, that turned into the trailer for an action sequel.) [NBC Washington]

What’s this big circle with all the rape? Oh, the Superdome. Check out the interactive ‘Treme” map. [National Geographic]

The precise opposite of ‘Jersey Shore’ happening in New Jersey. A pair of entrepreneurs are casting a reality show about Princeton students. “The intention of this show is not to put a bunch of people together and create friction, like on ‘Real World’ or ‘Jersey Shore’… The directors want to show that synergy can happen on college campuses and at places like Princeton, and really highlight the uniqueness of individuals and how truly amazing some people can be.” [Daily Princetonian]

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