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Here’s Sting Singing Your Favorite Ringtone Hits And Recording A Fan’s Voicemail Message

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Sting, the music artist, stops by 'The Tonight Show' to re-record some classic ringtones and give one fan a very special voice-mail message.

Rick Rubin

Watch Rick Rubin Go Back To Def Jam’s Beginnings

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Super-producer Rick Rubin went along with Rolling Stone's cameras to visit the humble birthplace of Def Jam records.


The Best Of ‘The Best Show’ Is A Smashing Good Time

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If "The Best Show" is good enough for Paul Rudd, it's good enough for you.


Run The Jewels Will Remix Their New Album With Cat Sounds

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The Internet can be pretty great sometimes, like when it funds musicians remixing their albums with nothing but cat sounds.


Can We Just Talk About This Bananas Music Video Paula Abdul Made To Promote Breast Cancer Awareness?

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Paula Abdul is singing and dancing for breast cancer awareness in this new video, so that happened.


Watch ‘Metal Grasshopper,’ Pantera Frontman Phil Anselmo’s Web Series With Comedian Dave Hill


"If you like stuff with corpse paint, burning pentagrams, medieval weaponry, irritable goats...you are totally going to love Metal Grasshopper

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Afroman Puts A Politically Correct Spin On His ‘Because I Got High’ Remake

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Since its birth, Hip-Hop has never strayed from its pro-weed stance.


Frotcast 225: In Which We Interview Nerd Punk Pioneer And YouTuber Extraordinaire Parry Gripp

By | 9 Comments

We cover the career of Parry Gripp, from "Weezer knock off" lead singer, to the hottest jingle and theme song writer in Hollywood.


Slipknot’s Dreams Of Burning Camel Poop At Their Music Festival Have Now Been Dashed


You can take away a man's oil drums filled with burning camel dung, but you'll never take away his DREAMS.

#Iggy Azalea

Nick Young Defends Iggy Azalea Against Snoop’s Continued Disses

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Somebody get T.I. on the phone so we can settle this.


A Columnist Listened To Nickelback For 24 Hours To Determine If The Band Sucks

By | 9 Comments

The Toronto Star's Vinay Menon listened to Nickelback's albums for 24 hours to decide if he really hates the Canadian rockers.


U2 Is Sorry That Apple Gave Everyone A Free Album That Made Them Even Wealthier

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Bono and his bandmates apologized on Facebook for Apple automatically downloading their new album on iTunes last month.

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