06.05.09 8 years ago 18 Comments

I’ve seen a lot of trashy reality TV, but “Battle of the Bods” on Fox Reality Channel might take the cake for being the most shallow, cattiest thing I’ve ever watched.  I mean, it won’t destroy people’s lives like “Temptation Island,” but… wow.  This is really the gold standard for garbage.

Essentially, a group of five girls have to rank themselves in order of attractiveness (various rounds have them rank themselves by face, an individual body part such as breasts or ass, and their entire look), and they win money if their rankings match up with the rankings given to them by a panel of three men.  At the end of the show, the men strip down and they reverse roles.  Along the way, the viewer is treated by the ugliest girl saying “No way am I five!” and the lone girl with natural breasts saying, “Those don’t even look real!”

Season 2 begins later this month.  You can watch full episodes from Season 1 at Hulu and Fancast.  After the jump, I’ve got the episode that I just watched in complete disbelief, a YouTube clip for people outside the U.S., and more pictures.  Hooray, lingerie makes for great TV!

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