Nancy Grace Is Still An Idiot

02.16.12 44 Comments

After Whitney Houston died, Nancy Grace went on her show and baselessly speculated that she was murdered, or that someone “let her die.” This comes as no surprise, as Nancy Grace is a jackass. Then the coroner’s report came out and it indicated that there was no foul play involved, so Nancy Grace went on “Good Morning America” and refused to back down or apologize for her baseless speculation, instead opting to go right back on the attack. This also comes as no surprise, as Nancy Grace is also a stubborn, self-important blockhead.

I’m not going to transcribe any of her statements from the interview because it would probably give me a stroke, but the gist of it is this: Nancy Grace is allowed to throw whatever cockamamie ideas she wants against the wall because she was a prosecutor once upon a time and you were not (ahem), and anyone who disagrees with her is infringing on her First Amendment rights as an AMERICAN, Y’ALL (which is untrue for a number of reasons). Furthermore, her wild speculation about Houston’s death wasn’t wild speculation because the coroner hadn’t figured it out yet either (“Was Whitney Houston murdered by A FIRE-BREATHING DINOSAUR NAMED RALPH?!?!? Too soon to say”), and if you question her about any of it, or interrupt her the way she does every single guest on her show, she will pout and insult you and act like she is Suzie Righteous, defender of the American Legal System.

I hope someone dumps a giant bucket of slime on her head.

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