Nathan Fielder Doubled Down On His Viral Drug Dealing Twitter Experiment

04.29.13 20 Comments

As you may recall, Nathan For You star Nathan Fielder did a glorious “Twitter experiment” last week where he told his followers to send their parents a text that said “got 2 grams for $40” then immediately send another that said “Sorry ignore that txt. Not for you,” and post a screenshot of the replies they got. The results were furious parents and comedy gold. (“F*CK YOU BRIAN.”)

But now that we’ve all had our our laughs about the situation, it’s time to mend some fences. So, over the weekend, Fielder tweeted out a number that his followers could have their parents call so he could set the record straight about the prank.

Well, that was a nice thing for him to do. Or rather, it would have been a nice thing for him to do, if the number didn’t go straight to a voicemail message where he said the following:

“Hi, you’ve reached Nathan. Please leave a message. Oh, and if you’re a parent calling because your kid said that I asked them to pretend to be a drug dealer, I’ve been getting a lot of those calls and I know nothing about that and had nothing to do with it, so they’re probably just using me as an excuse. Okay, thank you!”

Never change, you evil maniac. Never.

(via Splitsider)

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