NBC Affiliate Has No Clue Which Rapper Just Died So They're Basically Guessing

05.02.13 4 years ago 12 Comments

Leave it to NBC (or a local affiliate) to turn sad news into their own personal embarrassment. As you may know by now, part of our childhoods died as one half of Kriss Kross, Chris Kelly passed away this evening. The crack team at NBC made sure they were Johnny on the spot with coverage as some editor ran into the news room and yelled, “A rapper died! Find a black guy and find one quickly! We’re going live!”

As you can see, the picture they used wasn’t actually Chris Kelly. Instead it was Kriss Kross’ former manager and the brains behind the operation. He’s very much alive. But who cares? Because first!

The best part to me for some reason is that they sourced “Google” at the top of the picture. Which makes me think about all things they could have googled to get Jermaine Dupri. Allow me to conjecture on what they put in the search boxes.

– “Black Guy Who Knows A Black Guy”

– “Some Guy Died Who Could It Be?”

– “Kriss Kross Isn’t Spelled Correctly Is It?”

– “We’re NBC, Give Us Answers”

– “Make Us Less Dumb Than CNN”

Anyway, NBC screwed the pooch here. Good thing it didn’t happen on a network people actually watch.

Let’s get back to what’s important. Crank up the speakers and jump! R.I.P. to Chris Kelly.

Pic via Twitter

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